A filling is a way to restore a damaged tooth back to its normal function and shape. When you get a filling, the dentist will remove the decayed material from the tooth, clean the affected area, and then fill the area with a material designed for fillings.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Composite fillings are today's modern filling choice. They are made to match your tooth's natural color to make them virtually invisible to notice. The filling material is bonded to the tooth so there is an unlikely chance of falling out. Many patients choose to replace their old silver and gold fillings with composite fillings.

Other Benefits:

  • Beautiful in appearance
  • Completed in a single visit
  • No filling leaks
  • Less chance of tooth cracking

Strong and Natural Looking

White fillings are made from a high-strength composite resin that can be easily color-matched to your natural tooth, making it nearly invisible to you and anyone else. Unlike silver and gold fillings, composite tooth-colored fillings actually bond to the tooth. This means the filling material actually supports the surrounding tooth structure. This helps to prevent breaking and helps to insulate the tooth from excessive temperature changes. It is less likely to have a composite filling fall out which is a common issue with metal fillings.

Replacing Old Silver Or Amalgam Fillings

Dr. Ryan specializes in beautiful cosmetic dentistry. Metal fillings are often thought of as an eyesore. We are able to remove those old metal fillings and replace them with today's white fillings, which are color matched to the teeth they are being placed in.

Virtually everyone is a candidate to have metal fillings replaced with natural-looking white fillings. Call our office directly at (425) 341-4910 to discuss replacing your old metal fillings with white ones.