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Sealants are an effective way to protect developing teeth from tooth decay. Studies have shown that properly applied sealants protect the surface of your teeth from decay by keeping small food particles and bacteria that form cavities from penetrating the tooth surface where the sealant is placed.

Sealants are a thin BPA free coating that we apply to fill the pits and grooves that form on the biting surface and side of your tooth. These areas are important to seal because they are hard to reach areas with your toothbrush and are more likely to collect plaque in their deep and narrow pits. This simple procedure is done in one short appointment.

Sealant Placement:

  • The teeth are thoroughly cleaned.
  • A mild solution is applied & rinsed to help bond the sealant properly
  • The sealant material is painted onto the tooth to seal any grooves.
  • Using a curing light the sealant material is set so it is hardened to your tooth.

At your dental exam Dr. Ryan will determine if a sealant is a needed prevention for your teeth. Once sealants are placed, we will check them at your future dental visits and touch them up if necessary. Combining dental sealants with a healthy diet, fluoride, proper brushing and flossing you will be taking the right steps to optimize your oral health.

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