Periodontal Disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults. It is possible to have periodontal disease and have no warning signs. That is why it is important to have regular checkups and periodontal exams with your dentist. Some common signs of advancing periodontal conditions can be; your gums bleed easily and are tender and/or swollen. You may even experience chronic bad breath. Deteriorating conditions can even cause your teeth to be mobile. It is best to prevent and catch periodontal conditions before they advance by seeing your dentist regularly.

Gum disease is caused by plaque remaining around the gum line of your teeth. The bacteria in plaque produces acids and other toxins that can destroy bone and gum tissue over a period of time. Brushing twice a day and flossing your teeth daily is important for removing plaque from your teeth. Over time plaque hardens and forms a thick deposit on your teeth called tartar. If tartar remains on the teeth and below the gum line, it can lead to chronic infection and inflammation. The only way to remove tartar is to have your teeth professionally cleaned at your dental office.

Our hygienists provide a comfortable and efficient dental cleaning that will help you gain a healthy smile. Don’t wait for warning signs see our office for your regular dental checkups.

Daniel J. Ryan D.D.S.