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Crowns are a great way to improve your smile. Over time our teeth can weaken and be susceptible to breaking, cracks, decay and discoloration. Crowns can be placed to protect your weakened tooth and improve the appearance of it.

Dental crowns are tooth shaped restorations that are made to fit over the tooth. They can be made from porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or a full gold crown. A porcelain finished crown is best for maintaining a natural look and feel, and can be matched to the shade of your other teeth. They are usually made in two appointments:

  • At your first appointment, Dr. Ryan will reshape the tooth so a crown can fit over it. An impression will be taken for the lab and a temporary crown will be cemented in place.
  • At your second appointment, Dr. Ryan will try in your new crown and adjust it to ensure a great fit. Using a permanent cement, he will bond your crown in place.

Dental crowns are a durable and long lasting restoration that will enhance and strengthen your existing teeth. Dr. Ryan can help you determine if a crown is right for you.

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