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Composite Fillings

Composite FillingsComposite fillings are a popular method to enhance the aesthetics of your smile and treat areas of decay or small breaks in your teeth. It is even common to replace unsightly amalgam fillings with tooth colored, composite fillings.

Composite is a non-toxic, tooth colored resin that can be molded and sculpted over an adhesive gel that is placed on your tooth. An LED curing light is used to harden the material and bond it in place. The composite can then be polished smooth, like your tooth. Unlike the silver-colored amalgam fillings, composite fillings are more resistant to wear, create a better bond with your tooth and are color adjustable.

All fillings may eventually need to be replaced. When Dr. Ryan examines your teeth, he will evaluate your teeth for decay & examine the stability of your existing fillings. This way he can help you determine if it is necessary for any new composite fillings and discuss the opportunity to improve your smile, by replacing any amalgam fillings that you may have.

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