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Cerec One Visit Restoration

Cerec One Visit Restorations provide you with a quality dental restoration in one visit while repairing broken and decayed teeth. This process saves you the inconvenience of having to have impressions of your teeth and having to wear a temporary crown. Cerec technology allows for a natural, and pleasing restoration that matches your smile.

During your examination, Dr. Ryan will determine the right course of treatment for your tooth.

Once Dr. Ryan has prepared your tooth, it will be coated with a safe, tasteless powder. Using a digital 3D camera he will create an optical impression that will appear on our computer. The CAD software program will then allow Dr. Ryan to design your restoration while you are relaxing in the chair. This restoration will be customized to fit your specific clinical needs. Then the design specifications are sent to our on-site milling machine to create your restoration. Within 15 minutes your all-ceramic, tooth colored restoration will be ready to be fitted, polished and cemented permanently.

Our goal is to provide you with the best dental options possible. Dr. Ryan will evaluate your teeth to determine if a Cerec restoration is right for you.

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As a general dentistry practice, our staff is knowledgeable in many aspects of dentistry, for all ages. As a team, we are dedicated to offering quality services and strive to educate our patients on how to have a healthier, beautiful smile.

By scheduling a consultation you can learn how to improve your smile and discuss ways that we can make your next appointment a success. We always welcome new patients!

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