By adhering to the “2+2” rule, patients can improve their oral health.  Most dentists recommend that at least “two” minutes of tooth-brushing is required to thoroughly clean teeth.  Although, many people think they are following the two-minute tooth brushing regimen, actual timing of their routines may prove otherwise.  If necessary, patients should use an old-fashioned egg timer to time themselves.  Flossing is a must at least once a day because it reaches between your teeth where toothbrush bristles cannot go.  Regarding regular visits to the dentist; “two” visits a year is acceptable for most patients, while visits every three to four months is preferable to those with bridges, crowns, or a history of gum disease. Your personal satisfaction with your oral health and appearance is most important.

At Woodinville Gentle Dental, you can expect us to give you gentle, comforting care using the up-to-date techniques and equipment to maintain health teeth and gums for a beautiful smile.  Our trained professional staff works as a team to make your visits pleasant.  We provide a full range of dental treatments and will discuss your treatment options with you.  We are always accepting new patients.

Daniel J. Ryan, D.D.S., P.S.